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GreatGrandma Tudor (Dad's Grandmother).jpg (53677 bytes) greatgrandma green (Dad's Grandmother).jpg (37971 bytes)
Great Grandparents on the Tudor side My Great Grandmother - emigrated from Ireland 1851 Another Great Grandmother (Nana's Mom) My Grandfather's Farm at Sea Lake (Circa 1915)
Dad (Jack Tudor) at Gordon.jpg (66241 bytes) Dad (Jack Tudor) with his dad.jpg (143760 bytes) Some of Dad's Family.jpg (44008 bytes)
Dad as an Altar Boy in Ballarat Dad in the St. Patrick's Ballarat 11 (Front right) Dad and My Grandfather Dad and his brothers and sisters
Nanna and Poppa Tudor 60th Wedding Ann..jpg (65427 bytes)
Dance at Gordon in 1938 My Grandparents Diamond Wedding Dad with his sisters and brothers
Dad in uniform Dad's Service Certificate Mum in Uniform Mum's Service Certificate
Mum and Me at my Christening1946.jpg (33523 bytes) Me at Myers.jpg (64391 bytes)
Dad and Mum Me at my Christening Mum, Dad & me Me at Myers Christmas
Grandma (Claire Stevens) as a babyabout1908.jpg (51210 bytes) Mum (Mavis Brough) 3 years old in Scotland.jpg (98726 bytes)
My Great Grandparents on their honeymoon in Brighton 1888 Grandma as a baby Mum as a baby Mum at 3 in Scotland
Grandad(Robert Brough) and Mum.jpg (60675 bytes) Grandad (Bob Brough) and Grandma.jpg (52942 bytes) rip aka paluma ex queensland navy.jpg (42624 bytes)
Mum with her dad Grandma and Grandad The Rip - ex Paluma of the Queensland Navy that my Grandfather served on Mum at 8th Grade at Coburg State School playing netball
The Family.jpg (80419 bytes) Mum and Dad with the grandchildren.jpg (113150 bytes)
The family Dad and Mum with their Grandchildren Highclere Castle - Jude's ancestral home
Named after my great-grandfather Block on left was his farm
The Royal Mail Hotel at Diamond Creek (lived there till I was 2 - Dad was the publican) And how it looked in 1946/47 when I was living there And dad after the pub got robbed.
Uncle Fred's Garage Just over the road from my Grandfather's Pub in Gordon

Trudy's Restorations

Trudy restores old photographs for a hobby.  The pictures below are restorations that she did on some of my old photographs.  You can compare them with the original images above, she even did a  colourized version of a restored photo of mum.  If you have some old photos you would like restored you can get in touch with Trudy at