Local Birds





All of these birds and other wildlife were pictured in and around our house in the suburbs north east of Melbourne, Australia.  There is also a live video stream from a camera mounted on our deck overlooking our bird feeding platform at Web Cam - Live.   Often in the morning and early evening, Australian Eastern Time,  a few sulphur crested cockatoos, little corellas, galahs, rainbow lorikeets, magpies and occasionally eastern rosellas and kookaburras drop in for a feed.  There are more bird images at Local Birds 2

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  Nikon D70 Images
A juvenile Sparrowhawk that stunned itself on the glass panels around our deck.
Some Lorikeet and Galah Agro
Lorikeets Feeding Lorikeets Close Up
In The Trees What a Crowd Lorikeet Leaving
Cockatoos Feeding Cockatoo Up Close
Join Me Corella & Cockatoos Corellas Feeding Corellas in Flight
Magpie Magpie & Lorikeets Lorikeet Bully Gang-gang Cockatoo
Galah and Lorikeet Sharing Galah and Lorikeet and Corella Lorikeet and Corella Agro
Playing Possum Kookaburra Feeding
Handfeeding Sitting in an old gumtree Kookaburra Up Close
Afternoon Tea Cockatoo and Galah Crest Up Magpie and Lorikeet
Galahs, Corellas and Lorikeets Lorikeets and Corellas Musk Lorikeet
Tink and Lorikeet Kangaroo in park next to our house Ringtail Possum lives in tree in park next door Friendly lorikeets

Canon IXUS V Images

Crimson Rosellas Where's our Lunch Young Galah Galah feeding its chick
Eastern Rosella Yellow Tailed Cockatoo Lunch Time
Begging for food at the kitchen window Tawny Frogmouths Again at night Red Wattle Bird and Chick
GangGang Cockatoo Female GangGang Some Ducks Grazing Friendly Lorikeet